Well that it explains it... NOT
Oh he had stolen cigarettes, that makes sense then because when you steal you deserve to be shot and killed like Madoff, Enron, the guys running the sub prime mortgage mess in different massive financial institutions, they were all lined up and shot right? RIGHT??!! BECAUSE THEY STOLE TOO SO THEY MUST HAVE BEEN SHOT BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA AND EVERYONE IS TREATED EQUALLY RIGHT????!!!!
I know that in the scheme of the world one person is so small but when that one person touches so many millions... #RobinWilliams mattered.
I wonder, if age were beyond perception would it matter if our joys and sorrows meant less? Like a great or a bad meal we could just move on

Step in the right direction, if you’re as smart as you think, you’ll know the direction wasn’t a destination, it was you, the real you.

Table for one
Go ahead, starve your heart, all it gets you is an empty soul.

I try to save earthworms if I feel they are drowning in water.
It should go without saying that I’m a hero. #ihaveafriendandhesanearthworm

Take a fork into battle
You can man up and charge head first into adversity or you can eat cake.
I like chocolate.
Sometimes you end up being the fool for trusting someone but the real fool is the person who throws away something as valuable as trust.